Hi! Welcome to my world...

...of beautiful letters. 

Why are you here? Because you love hand-craft as much as I do. Or, maybe because you'd love to have your favourite quotation hand-written? Or, maybe beacuse you searched for "calligraphy" related pages and Google sent you to me.

Anyhow - Welcome! It's lovely to meet you!

Who am I?

I have learned the craft of calligraphy in two prestigious schools in Cracow. A whole year I have spent on travelling, writing and learning from the best. Finally, I have had the privilage of creating invitations and vignettes for my brother's wedding. Please check my portofolio section.



I love sharing my passion for beautiful creations. 

My drive is to introduce neat, classy, yet original things to your world. To your home, office, wardrobe or ... kitchen.

I do draw letters the way they call me, but I also draw them the way you want them to be. Just drop me an email with your idea. 

I always use high-quality materials. Nibs, inks, markers, paper, ceramics - whatever I make needs to last. I want you to enjoy them long and I want us to reduce waste that floods our planet.


Invite calligraphy to your life - order your own, hand-made, unique piece of art:

  • * mug (white ceramics)
  • * special event card (holidays, birthday, anniversary)
  • * poster
  • * wooden pencil case

Contact me and let's bring your idea to life!







Here are some of my works:

Find more on my Instagram and Facebook - links below


- a behavioral condition characterized by the intense desire to write.



I used to write on every surface at hand, wherever I was, using any tool available.

One day, August 2016, I have found calligraphy.

My hypergraphia is now expressed through beautiful shapes of letters, created with high-quality nibs and goose quills. I carefully select papers and inks to make sure my work is perfectly imperfect.





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